With each passing year, taking care of the face becomes a challenge in our quest for smooth, radiant skin. From crow’s feet at 40 to post-menopausal dryness at 50; to sagging that sets in at 60, its time to rise up to your facial challenges and start using the right products and procedures that will help you maintain a youthful, blemish-free face. Not knowing what is right for a particular age can be outright dangerous and have ugly consequences. Brighten up because thorough research has been done on this problem and there are several herbs that when combined properly can rejuvenate and maintain the clear clean complexion that is desired.

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Simply skincare tips to keep you glowing agelessly!

At age 40….treat, tone & texture

During your 40’s cell generation slows down giving your skin a dull appearance. Brown blotches increase and redness becomes more noticeable (especially in fair-skinned women). The collagen and elastin that keeps the skin from breaks down and pores become enlarged.

Treatment: Use a cream with retinoid (vitamin A derivatives) to boost collagen production. It wakes up sluggish cells and make the skin smoother and more radiant. It also fades dark spots and a weak application of creams rich in retinoid (vitamin A) will give your skin’s radiance and smoothness back.

Exfoliate: stimulate all renewal by reviving dead cells during exfoliation. Done every 2 weeks maximum improvement is guaranteed. If you have dry skin, choose an exfoliant with AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) product formulated with lactic acid.

USE HYDROQUINONE: This slows down the production of melanin and fades blotchiness. Use cream with 3% hydroquinone, use for only 3 weeks and maintain by avoiding the sun. Remember continuous use is bleaching and can damage the skin. Now that hydroquinone has gotten the bad rap (because of abuse) use kojic acid or alpha-arbutin instead.

At age 50 hydrates and plump

As oil production reduces, the skin barely retains moisture, and dark spots becomes more pronounced due to loss of bone in the lower part of the face, folds are created and cheekbones and temples start to look sunken. In the fair-skinned, there is a contraption of roughness called aks. I.e. actinic keratoses which could be a precursor of cancer. Minimize facial cleansing that can irritate delicate skin and use a milky makeup remover that you don’t need to rinse. Increase the use of moisturizers especially the one that contains a high concentration of oil at night, it seals in moisture, especially on eyelids. Adjust your use of retinoid by mixing it with your moisturizer. Avoid the sun at all cost and turn to professionals to attack all signs of aging for example,

  • Fractional co2 laser treatment will help collagen to contract and tighten skin to avoid sagging.
  • Tifan and other imaging procedures will help to remove the slack in the lower part of the face without plastic surgery.
  • Skin cancers are a problem at this age so avoid the sun and chemical fumes at all costs. Your skin is the most precious part of you. Old age is a gift so age gracefully!

At age  60 and beyond……… Nourish!

Throughout this menopausal period, there is a drop in hormones, skin becomes patched and brown spots increase. Deep lines appear from the corner of the mouth, nose, and eyes as the skin loses underlying fat. Use gentle cleansers stop using oil stripping gel cleansers or bar soaps and start using a creamy face wash. Moisturize with a good hydrating cream that draws water in and creates barriers that prevent evaporation. Think retinoid if you have not done so in your 40’s!

Eye care: apply night creams at night especially the one that contains silicon it temporarily sparkles fine lines. Prevent wrinkles; start thinking of botox, it softens the folds. Improve tone and get overall smoothness.

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