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Low libido or total lack of sexual excitement has been the main factor in the breakdown of many relationships. We hear about ED in men more often than low sex drive in women. Sexual dysfunction in females are a hush-hush affair as many don’t see it as a problem. From dryness, to lack of pleasure, to inability to achieve an orgasm, many   woman   are on the lookout for products to boost their sex drive.  Both men and women can boost their sex drives; whether it’s the lack of sexual desire or the inability to perform well, low libido affects both a sexes.

5 LIBIDO KILLERS and the reason your sex drive is low.


A glass of red wine a day have been recommended for the heart as it contains resveratrol, However, continually consuming alcohol has a suppressive effect on  sex drive. It is a common cause of ED.

Sedentary life;-

Lack of exercise is another cause of low sex drive because of a lack of proper blood circulation and weight gain.


This is the greatest enemy of sex drive as it causes a raise in blood sugar level, weight gain and low libido in men and women, it also increases androgenic (male) hormone level in women leading to Poly-Cystic Ovarian syndrome (PCOS).


When stressed, the endocrine system releases cortisol, a stress hormone and this in turn leads to anxiety and depression both libido killers.

Lack of sleep.

A new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that a good night’s sleep enhances libido, especially in women. Lack of sleep lowers the testosterone level in men and causes virginal dryness in women.

 Women are not so outgoing about the problem like their male partners. We hear solutions like exercise, meditate, have confidence and be stress-free; there are several herbs that are used to boost hormonal imbalance and increase sex drive. Such as;

  • CINNAMON; – This everyday spice is wonderful since it reduces the sugar level in the blood. High blood sugar leads to obesity and hormonal imbalance; both major causes of low libido.
  • GINSENG; This well-known sexual elixir works by improving vitality and increasing alertness. It’s been used for ages for boosting energy and pleasure. Ideal for men and women.
  • DAMIANA has been used by the Mayans as an aphrodisiac for ages, being an antidepressant it also relieves stress and anxiety. Useful for both sexes.
  • CAYENNE; Red pepper improves blood circulation and stimulates the productions of endorphins (vital sex arousal hormone).
  • BUSH MANGO; African mango is a libido booster for men as it reduces stubborn belly fat and hence improves performance and drive.
  • GARLIC; This ancient spice boosts blood circulation to the sex organs’ increasing drive. Great for the ladies too.
  • TRIBULUS; – This spikey herb is potent for erectile dysfunction, low libido, and great performance in men.
  • YOHIMBE; this African herb has been used as a remedy for erectile dysfunctions as well as an aphrodisiac for both sexes. It is very effective for treating sexual dysfunction associated with the use of anti-depressant drugs. But a high dosage can cause cardiac arrest, hence it should be used only according to dosage.

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