About Us

Green Age Magazine is an online publication that provides powerful information on natural health, organic skincare, hair care, sexual health, mental, and psychological issues all in a green refreshing way.

The green innovations segment features new technologies, green discoveries, and new ways of doing old things.


Our mission is to become a trusted source of information on the latest wellness trends, organic beauty tips, healthy nutrition tips and other organic ways of life.


To serve millions of readers worldwide, across all platforms and engage them to lead a happier, greener lifestyle.

Our Company

GreenAge Mag is published by Annelle Integrated Limited,  a wellness outfit in Lagos, Nigeria.


 Green Age is here to provide you with wellness and organic beauty information, tips to prevent illness, ways to improve your mental health, ways to stimulate your emotional well-being and empower you to take your happiness in your own hands.

Written and edited by seasoned science and wellness-oriented contributors in different areas of health, it provides you with articles and tips on scientifically proven herbal and organic body care.

 It is not meant to heal or treat any medical problem, but only as a source of information for use. So, please consult your doctor for all medical issues.

Our Team

Our team is made up of scientists in the field of ethno-botany, biochemistry, pharmacognosy and medical sciences. From first degree holders to PhD, well versed researchers bringing you facts and trends. 

Anne Edun is the CEO of Annelle Integrated Ltd. She is the author of the book “Stainless Skin; The Ultimate Skin Secrets Everyone Should Know”.

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